ADVOCATES is a satirical comedy about the employees of GULPTAB, a powerful LGBT advocacy group.

The series follows IRIS, an irreverent young executive who plants stories, pushes campaigns, and clashes with the various characters she encounters. ADRIAN, Iris's favorite co-worker and partner in snark, joins Iris in manipulating media, corralling unruly internet celebrities, and cheerfully hazing GULPTAB's two new interns. CASEY is a sexy but vain intern with more style than substance who sets her sights on Iris. OSCAR is a high-strung, naive fanboy with a will of iron.  

Over the course of ADVOCATES, Iris and Casey's relationship will ignite, Oscar will spread the joys of fandoms, femslash, and unbridled enthusiasm, and Adrian will face off with his ex-boyfriend, who happens to be GULPTAB's biggest enemy.

Every queer character in ADVOCATES is played by a queer actor, The characters are not interesting because they're gay; they're fascinating, frustrating people who happen to be gay.